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"The time has come," the Walrus said...

To talk of many things...

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original layout by chungsparadise

Alrighty. This is my graphics journal, but mostly its just icons. My style is moreso about cropping and coloring. Oh and for anyone who cares, I don't care if you credit or not, I think it is kinda cool just seeing someone else use my icons. But please don't take credit for them. Also, I don't mind if anyone uses them as bases. Oh, one big gripe is no hotlinking. Please! I use photobucket and it only goes so far. Oh one last thing, I really love getting comments. It may be pathetic, but they make my day. Anyhoo, that seems to be it. Have a nice day.

Randomly, on February something or other, I decided to delete a bunch of old icons - well old or ones I didn't like. So this journal is undergoing some semi-major editing. All of my old posts will be edited to remove where there are broken links. I just felt like some of my icons sucked, and I thought I could do them better, that and I wanted to free up space on my photobucket account. Okely dokely, that is all.